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Welcome to WREN

The Women's Research Engagement Network

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About us

WREN is the Women's Research Engagement Network, a group at Northeastern University dedicated to promoting and celebrating women in research across the disciplines. No matter if you're a research veteran or a student looking to get involved for the first time, we are here to support you.

We believe that every woman at Northeastern who is interested in research should have a chance to work with a faculty member, regardless of your area of study or your year.


Find a Position

Through WREN, female-aligned students at Northeastern can connect directly with Northeastern Faculty that are actively looking to work with undergraduate students. Apply to positions across the disciplines directly from the WREN website  with just a few clicks.


Become a Scholar

Apply to the WREN Scholar program to join an incredible interdisciplinary community of women in research at Northeastern. Gain access to exclusive events focused on building skills and connections both on and off campus. WREN Scholars are also eligible to present their research at the annual WREN Summit.


Become a Fellow

Current female-identifying students who have faced additional barriers to getting involved in research are invited to apply to the Fellow Program. Fellows receive all the benefits of the Scholar Program, plus additional Fellow-only networking, bonding, and funding opportunities. Fellows are also guaranteed a spot to present at the WREN Summit.

The Interdisciplinary Women's Collaborative

The IWC is a student organization at Northeastern University focused on uplifting female voices, training female leaders, and advocating for women on campus. WREN is one of the three branches of the IWC.

WREN Faculty Drive the Success of Our Program

If you are a female faculty member at Northeastern interested in finding a qualified student to help you advance your research or creative project, we can help.


Network, bond, and develop skills alongside other women in research.

Fellow Program Wrap-Up

Fellow Program Wrap-Up

December 3, 2021

The Importance of Mentorship

The Importance of Mentorship

November 9, 2021

Indoor Picnic

Indoor Picnic

November 5, 2021


WREN Leaders

Although WREN's Faculty partners are integral to the program's success, it is a group of dedicated Northeastern students that lead WREN. Our student leaders create engaging programming, connect with female faculty members, and run the Scholar and Fellow programs.